David Jerome Collection Overview

John Pye Luxury Assets department was exclusively instructed to sell the UK’s largest private collection of precious coloured natural gemstones in a multi-million pound international online auction offering in 2015.

Ethically sourced directly from precious gemstone mines all over the World – including but not limited to Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia – only the finest natural stones had been selected for the collection, valued at over £8million retail.

All precious gemstones within the collection were originally sourced as loose gems, only in the recent years leading up to the instruction, had these gems have been set and mounted among diamonds, into pieces of fine jewellery, to showcase their desirability and make them a suitable offering for the international public auction market.

Our private client had collected and amassed the gemstones for nearly 20 years, after buying a highly-prized 133 carat Tanzanite – which ignited a passion to source a range of gemstones from all over the world.

Subsequently, through decades of global travel, our private client became established and recognised by gemstone miners as one of Europe’s preeminent buyers of natural coloured gemstones.

Some of the world’s rarest and purest rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, sapphires and other prized gems forming over 680 gemstones from the esteemed David Jerome Collection were presented to the international market by John Pye Auctions Luxury Assets Division with the opening our showcase premium saleroom sat offices at Standbrook House, 5 Old Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1.

John Pye Luxury Assets partnered with Bollywood actress and model, Amy Jackson, to stage exclusive private viewings and model shoots of the David Jerome Collection in London.

A series of three online auctions for The David Jerome Collection were held in the run up to Christmas 2015 , showcased across the UK from Manchester United to Mayfair, and attracted international interest of bidders and buyers, marking John Pye Luxury Asset’s launch and arrival within the international luxury market sector