Your Guide To Choosing An Engagement Ring

Asking someone’s hand in marriage is a momentous occasion in your life. Here at John Pye Luxury, we recognise that choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting affair. Follow our easy guide and you will be sure to pick out the perfect ring for that special lady in your life.

Style. Have a look at her favourite bits of jewellery she currently wears. Having a sense of her taste will help guide your choices. Does she like classic understated pieces or does she like her bling? Is she a quirky individual with more vintage taste or does she like modern current trends? The world of engagement rings is vast so recognising her style is a good starting point.

Size. People mistakenly think the bigger the stone the better the diamond/gemstone. This is simply not true! Learn the basics of the 4cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.) and you will understand how to get the best value for money from your stone. It is also important to choose a ring which will complement the size of her hand. Bold styles and wider bands flatter slender fingers and emerald and marquise cut stones elongate those who have smaller hands. A simple detail which is often overlooked.

Stone Shape. The most traditional cut is the round brilliant and is thought to be the safest when deciding upon an engagement ring. Always look at alternative cuts to give you extra choice; you will be surprised the difference it can make in the aesthetics of the ring. Old cut and rose cuts have a more antique feel and emerald cuts can often give the illusion of bigger stones. There is such a wide choice to suit everyone’s tastes.

Diamonds or Gemstones. Most engagement rings tend to be set with diamonds, however the popularity of coloured gemstones is on the rise. If you are considering something a little out of the ordinary then factor in her favourite colour or birthstone. Gemstone hardness is outlined on the Mohs scale and it is suggested anything below a 7 is not suitable for everyday wear. Gems such as Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds make great alternatives as they have fantastic durability as well as coloured diamonds which can add a splash of colour with a unique alternative edge.

Band and Setting.  Be mindful of what metal she likes to wear. Gold can come in a degree of hardness and purity. Consider the colour and whether it will suit her skin tone. If opting for white gold remember that it will rub over time and the rhodium coating will need replacing every couple of years. Platinum is an excellent metal as it is extremely hard wearing and never dulls but never wear it against softer metals as it will cause them to wear. The setting should also never be overlooked. Prominent settings can get knocked and caught easy so be mindful if her lifestyle is particularly active.

Cost.  There is no set rule with how much you should spend on an engagement ring. My simple advice, buy what you can afford. If you want to purchase an expensive looking ring without the high price tag then consider looking for stones which have been treated or enhanced. Diamonds and gemstones are significantly cheaper if they have been altered in some way. Laboratory grown stones are also a great option, which to the untrained eye can still look like the genuine article. It is important to remember that stones such as these should state that they have been modified or manmade when purchasing.

Patience Choosing an engagement ring is not something to be rushed. By doing your homework and asking for help from family and friends will prevent any expensive and hasty decisions.

For further inspiration, browse our latest luxury online auctions with choices to suit all tastes. Take the opportunity to come to our viewing days and ask our experts for any additional advice. We’re always here to help.