Jewellery Collection

Whether you are looking for a specific item of jewellery for yourself or a gift for someone special, our Jewellery Collection has a range of beautiful designs for all occasions. Our dedicated team of in-house diamond and jewellery experts are devoted to providing our customers with the most transparent, easy and efficient service possible and are more than happy to assist you at any stage of the buyer journey. The perfect engagement rings, tennis bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more are waiting for you with John Pye Luxury Shop.

Diamond Jewellery Collection

We are delighted to be able to share with you a selection of exquisite Diamond Jewellery consisting of a wide range of stunning pieces, including engagement rings, diamond necklaces and statement pieces consisting of a variety of different grade Diamonds. Why not take a look and find something perfect for you or a loved one and explore what we have to offer now.

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